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With over 20 years of experience crafting elegant, timeless and highly-functional homes in Vancouver,  ClearWater Development Group’s success comes from meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality in every aspect of our design and building process.

Development Group


Our hands-on approach allows our team to create homes that meet your family’s every need, while surrounding you with a sense of luxury and tranquility. The quality, style and precision of our design/build process is evident the moment you walk through the door, in everything from the finishing's, to fixtures, appliances, and the movement of air and light through your home. 

The relationship with our homeowners doesn’t end when we hand over the keys, and we are proud of our commitment to always being available to follow up with anything our homeowners need.


Character Retention

Our sustainable methods are part of what makes us unique. Our heritage homes refresh Vancouver’s historical character and do so while reusing, recycling, and restoring otherwise discarded building materials. 


Purposeful Curation

Every material element of our homes is chosen with an eye for durability, quality and elegant design. We pride ourselves on crafting homes where every aspect speaks to our dedication to providing the best home for our homeowners now, and homes that will last for generations.


Small Business Mentality

Our team is here to cater to your needs. Warranty inspections and work are addressed directly with ClearWater and repairs are dealt with as expeditiously as possible.  

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