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The People

Building homes together since 1999.

Joel Silverman


Over the past two decades Joel has spearheaded development projects spanning across Western Canada. His meticulous attention to detail helps him produce high quality, luxurious homes. Hand crafted with the customer in mind, Joel's homes stand out from the crowd.  

White Living Room

AK Design

Interior Designer

ClearWater works with a variety of designers, but has a particularly successful and longstanding  relationship with AK Design. The ClearWater/AK combination of design aesthetics is to be in front of the trend curve while also creating timeless and understated homes.

The Rockel Group

Real Estate Agent

The Rockel Group's input into our process extends from the acquisition of properties that ultimately will be received once stratified to vetting design and of course project marketing. ClearWater will on occasion pre-sale projects, but prefer to show its homes when they show best - once complete.

Bamboo Leaves

Terra Firma Design Ltd.

Architectural design

ClearWater works with Terra Firma who specializes in residential architectural design for our boutique multi-family projects. 

Terra Firma Design Ltd

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